Boiler equipment

Our company offers a membrane (gas-tight) panel screens of steam boilers of TPP and CHP, hot-water boilers (heat output of more than 30 Gcal), waste heat recovery boilers.

Gas-tight panel can also be used in metallurgical, chemical and petroleum industries.

Production of gas-tight panels is carried out on the equipment of the German company Deutzer Mashinefabrik Haytse GmbH & Co. installed and commissioned at JSC "HKMZ."

The line:

  1. Apparatus for welding membrane panels, type DS 4 411/2000, the company DEUMA;
  2. Mechanism moving and tilting the panels;
  3. Gauge (levelers) machine for flat steel, type 100, the company SCHNUTZ;
  4. Automatic line for stripping pipes;
  5. Machine-tight flexible panels firm DEUMA.

Key performance indicators of the line:

  20000 mm
The diameter of the tubes used 20 Θ102 mm
The width of band used 10 Θ 100 mm
The species of welding - submerged arc welding  
Minimum bending radius panel 150 mm
  • The width of the inlet 12 to max. 105mm;
  • The thickness of the inlet from 5 to max. 10 mm at yield at max. 400 N / mm ².

Technical data are bending panels:

Pipe diameter included in the panel: 27 ÷ 101 mm
The thickness of the pipe wall, max: 10 mm
Aisle width (width of the panel): 2000 mm
Bending radius: 150 ÷ 400 mm
Max. bending angle: 150°

If necessary, the panel subjected to heat treatment in an electric furnace (termomaster -12.110.15/900 YAO).

Installed production line of gas-tight membrane panels provides high quality in accordance with European standards.

Membrane panel can be used for repair or modernization of existing boilers, and to complete new or completely with the new furnaces.