Dear Sirs!

We offer follow services:

Exploring Ukrainian, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Belorussia markets for your goods: selected commodities availability rate, price, sales results, market capacity, export and import analysis, B2B, FMCG.

Ukrainian trade mission turnkey arrangement: full legal support, delegation meeting, translation services, tax issues consulting, hotel booking, visa support, trademark registration, patent search, finding storage facilities, real-estate leasing and purchasing, staff recruitment, budget making.

Competition environment exploration, elucidating major competitors, gathering competitor data, their sales results and purchase amounts.

Creating UNIDO- meeting investment plans and business plans.

Branding: creating a brand or a trademark, development and promotion of existing brands on Ukrainian market. Positioning, creating unique sales offer. Making a brand-book.

Consulting, business-planning, financial management.

Optimizing energy costs Auditing energy cost-efficiencyof manufacturing capacities.

Personnel optimization: downsizing, eliminating redundancies.
Qualifying and certifying examinations. Making employment agreements which meet Ukrainian law.
Corporate trainings.

Media-planning services

BTL, “all-inclusive” promotion campaigning

Market-creating services.
Sales plan creating.
Corporate sales book.
Sales-stimulation programmes.


Event promotion